Tuesday, September 23


The house is ready, photos have been taking - now we wait for a buyer.

We are all exhausted from the effort of reducing the Whizzme clan's love of hoarding to bare necessities. I feel like we are in some reality TV challenge to see how long we can last. It shall be interesting. Miss Whizzme is ill and at the moment does not care that she has only 6 toys and a handful of books left to play with. I on the other hand, despite my various aches and injuries(as above*) cannot wait to once again let my hands do some craftiness. I might even be able to get back into the swing of regular posts and blog reading. I have quite a library of posts to catch up on what all of you have been up to. But for now I must be off to work. Feel free to take a sticky beak at our house.

*thought having aching limbs, sore hands from cleaning was enough but managed to whack my head on the corner of some furniture just before the photographer turned up!

Friday, September 12


is being made on all fronts.  We have boxed, and boxed, and boxed until the house is now bare essentials.  I always admire people who have the minimalist look, but I just don't know how they do it.  I am already missing my books and fabrics.  There is no eye candy to tempt me with, and no inspiration to catch my interest.  This said progress is being made and I am getting some other projects finished, slowly promised items are finding their way to new owners.  Currently the Whizzme clan are holidaying at a (more than generous) friends house while said friends are away.  In our absence the house is being primped and (hopefully) we will be shooting photos next Friday.

Miss Whizzme has coped amazingly well with all this upheaval, and even dealt well with being told she could have only a handful of toys and books left unpacked*.  Wally on the other hand is very out of sorts and has been sticking closely to me - I think he is afraid he might get packed next!
Finally, it wouldn't be right if I wasn't starting another project!  A short trip to Spotlight with Miss Whizzme after school, and we are now creating our own set of round wooden place mats.  I couldn't find the paints in our friends house so we are using some beautiful Aquarelles.  That is my place mat progress pictured.  Should keep as busy for a short while now school holidays have begun for us too.  I hope you are all enjoying the warm wind of change here in Melbourne, and thank you for all your warm wishes on our house purchase.  Now, Miss Whizzme is calling me to her cafe'.  I hope there are milkshakes on the menu...

*Which is more than can be said for the sulkiness her mother has inflicted on others because of all her toys and books being packed away!!